Turn your blog into a printed book !

Just a few week back, we had seen a wonderful app on facebook to turn your facebook profile into a nicely printed book (to read about it, click here). Now it is time to turn your blog into a printed book, as easy as having a cup of coffee ;)

Blog2Print has partnered with Blogger to bring this wonderful opportunity to all bloggers. Currently it is available for three of the famous blogging platforms namely, Blogger, Typepad, and Wordpress. Pick the cover, images, number & order of posts, comments, and now you are ready to go ! You can preview how your blog book would look like before placing an order. A 20 page soft cover blog book cost $15 and one with hard cover cost $25. For every additional pagem it cost
only 35 cents.

If your blog doesn't have much images and primarily based on text, you can even order for a black & white blog books which cost $11 for 20 page book and only 10 cents for every extra page. No need to pay extra charges as shipping is free !
Blog2Print's sister site, everything2print allows you to create book out of your facebook, twitter or even picasa !! Charges are similar with blog book. Give it a try.

It is really a great way to preserve your blogging memories. what do you have to say ? ;)

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