Talking to yourself, Not just normal but good too !

Are you a one who talk to yourself ? Are you afraid people would think bad about you because of this ? Or are you worried yourself about this issue ? Cool, Talking to yourself is not just normal but good too !

It is a common thing in society that self-talking people are considered mad. Even the people who talk themselves are also worried about their health. But research shows that it is not a sign of any disease but it is a good sign for yourself. The study reveals that people who talk to themselves can overcome stress & depression easily than others. It helps them to cope up with pressure and even reduce blood pressure ! Not just this, it even strengthen your immune system. I always keep talking myself when I feel stressed, and it really make me strong !

Communicating yourself verbally makes you feel relaxed and helps self control. These people are found to be more self-confident than others. When matters are too sensitive or secretive, talking to yourself prove to be a good medicine. It increases self-analysing power and helps taking strong decisions on your own.

After learning these much of uses from talking to yourself, are you still worried about what society thinks ?

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