Kitara - The Misa Digital Guitar !

Guitar, a music instrument which is an essential part of today's every music track, has constantly evolved through times. Acoustic guitars ruled the music world once, then came the electric guitar to that place. And now it is time to welcome digital guitar ! Take a look at these images of Misa Digital Guitar !

Kitara, the misa digital guitar, which looks like an electric guitar in shape, but with no strings ! "wth, guitar without strings ?! How can one control the sound then ?!!" Well, all you need is a touch ! Yes, Kitara replaces strings with a sporty 8 inch multi touch display, and touching the screen builds notes ! The position of your touch and movement decides the way sound is generated.

Its neck has 24 frets where strings are relpaced by buttons. You can apply number of digital effects, save sounds as presets, and swap preset files online. Everthing is configurable, just by your touch. This guitar is powered by Linux operating system.

But Kitara is not created as a replacement to electric guitar. Electric guitars are good for electric music and digital guitar has a different story. Misa digital guitar is an experimental instrument that concentrates on digitizing music and easing the guitarists' work.

Whatever the things maybe, it is kinda cool and innovative thought which could revolutionize the music world in near future !


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