Dream can help you beat your Depression !

Whether you believe or not, everyone dream everyday atleast for two hours. A normal human being over the age of 10, dream 4 to 6 times a day. Some dreams, if you remember, make sense while most of them seems to be fairy tale. Many people have same dreams repeated over and over and that has also got no reason. Few people think dreams have hidden meaning but there is no proof for both agreeing and disagreeing. So when it comes to dreams, all have their own beliefs and hard to reach a conclusion.

Why do we dream ? Well, No one can answer this question exactly but if we try to answer for some extent, dreams occur to put your feelings into action ! Some says dreams are a natural part of the sleep cycle and serve no purpose. But there is still a lot of differences even between the experts who study about dreams.

Do animals & birds also dream ?! We can never know for sure. Only thing we can do is measuring whether they have REM (rapid eye movement) sleep or not, which is more or less associated with dreams (I could always see our dog barking in dream & shaking his legs like he is chasing someone !). Let us not go deep into science of dreams. But you know what ? Dreams can help you control your stress, anxiety and depression.

We normally dream about the problems, feelings and circumstances that we live during day time. Dreams don't just go with imagination but we really 'Experience' it !! So do we really die if we die in our dreams ?! No, this is absolutely a myth. Dreams provide you with such an opportunity that you can simulate your own life in risk without actually taking risk ! If you are too scared of your final exams, you are most likely to dream about it and you will actually fail in those dream exams !! But if you remember your dream for some extent, your stress & anxiety will cool down and you are likely to do the exams well than before. It is not just about exams, it applies to all sort of emotions, feelings and problems.

Researchers conducted a research on women who were recently divorced. And they found that the participants who dreamed about their ex-husband, showed a better emotional mood the next morning. These women were also able to recover from their depression much quicker than the women who either did not dream about their ex-husband or couldn’t remember their dreams. Rosalind CartWright, a sleep researcher says, “It really shows that there was an ongoing working through the night in the dream material, and eventually that the depression lifted in those people.”

But one thing we have to note here is, it is important to remember the dream. only then we can find some benifits from dream. If you don't remember what you dreamt of, most likely it will have no effect on your normal life !

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