I'm sure you can't guess the Climax !

Surrounded by the electronic machines, we are slowing turning mechanical. We have forgotten to laugh with open heart, we have forgotten to praise the meaning of life. We curse life to be hectic, but we really don't know that we ourselves making our lives hectic. Laughing is as important as living. When we laugh, we forget the bad and enjoy the good out of life.

Remember those old days when you were young, you needed no reasons to laugh but still you were very happy with abacus. Today we sit in front of computer for hours, earn decent income, play games, but find it really hard to laugh after all ! So this post is just for fun and make you laugh. I just heard a small joke and found it really funny. So I just want to share this with all of you. Read from the beginning, else it won't be a joke anymore, no cheat please ! I'm pretty sure you can't guess the climax of this Story & also Joke. Go on reading..

Mom came to her son's room and started to shout at him,

Mom : Wake up son, It is time to go to college !

Son : Why mom ? I really hate to go to college !!

Mom : Give me two reasons why you don't want to go to college ?

Son : One, All the students hate me and another, all the Teachers hate me :(

Mom : Oh no ! That is not a reason for not going to college. Come on, wake up, you must go to college.

Son : Give me two reasons why I should go to college ?

Mom : One, you are 55 years old ! two, you are the Principal of the college !!

I hope you read the story from the beginning without cheating and I also hope you people really enjoyed the Story !

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