Isle of Tune, A Musical Street Journey Game !

Create your own Island with flowers, trees, homes, and street lamps along roadside, drive cars along the road, and your own music tune is ready ! Roadside elements are your instruments and cars are your players !

A game, Isle of Tune, is a must have app for your chrome ! I have started to love this game. It is always cool and fun to create your own tune, right ? So why keep waiting, go to chrome web store and grab this app now !

Everything is simple here. Just create roads the way you want, put trees, homes, flowers and street lamps along the roadside, start driving cars the way you like and it is done. Hear to your first tune, and I bet you will feel cool but same time, not proud of your tune ! So why don't try some in built loops ? Add more sounds, or erase one you feel annoying. So you have every chance to make your tune smart ! And finally don't forget to save your work to make it more smart next time ;)

Now you have started to feel proud of your tune, why don't share with others ?! Yes, you can share your island with other users and even play others' shared islands ! Vote up the tune you like, Vote down otherwise. 50,000 users already own musical islands and it is your time to own one ! Click here to install Isle of Tune and start your own tune ;)

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