Mozilla Firefox 5 is out Now !

It was a surprise when I got back home from college and saw Mozilla firefox 5 released ! So I just switched from beta to release channel. Well, it doesn't seem to be any new extra ordinary feature there in this new release, but Interface has been improved very much and it looks great ! And it is great to know that it is highly customizable.

Below is a list of great features in Firefox 5 :

> Super speed browsing !

> All your menu items can now be accessed under a single button.

> One click bookmark button for easy access to your favorites.

> Pin your favorite website permanently to tab bar ! kinda cool ;)

> Too many tabs opened ? Organize with Panorama, in a fun and visual way !

> Location aware browsing - Find local bookshop to restaurants easily.

> One click bookmarking.

> Integrated download manager that let you pause and resume downloads when you want !

> Crash Protection Browsing - Addon crash won't interrupt your browsing any more !

> Advanced Security to make your online experience better.

> Loaded with all new web technologies, more support for HTML5.

Most of these features were introduced in Firefox 4, but has been improved in this version. I personally feel the interface, a way more better than the last version. So what are you waiting for ? Go and install Firefox 5 now ! Love to use in your local language ? Checkout here, Firefox supports more than 70 languages !

Happy Browsing :)

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