Google fined NT$1 million by Taipei !

It seems like Google's problems with Chinese nations would not end soon. After the departure of Google from China, now, Taipei has imposed a fine of NT$1 million on Google for refusing to provide 7 day trial period to consumers on apps downloaded from Android Market and suspending the availability of such apps for its users !

The conflict between Google Android Market's Terms of Service and Consumer protection Law of Taipei, and Google's refusal to resolve the things has led to this move by Taipei city government.

According to TOS of Android Market, Money refunding is available only for 15 minutes from the moment of app download. But the Consumer Protection Law allows users to return their purchases by 7 days for refund. On this conflict, City Government had asked Google to resolve this issue by providing 7-day trial period. But Google refused, and suspended sales of paid apps in city.

Government warned Google on this regard, asked for an explanation and demanded for improvements by 23rd of June. Government had threatened Google to impose NT$300,000. But Google asked for grace period on expiration of the deadline. Later when Google refused to bend their "rules", Government took action by imposing NT$1 million fine.

Google is now up for another round of talks with City Government on 30th of June but still, there are many problems for Google, on the way. The 15 minute trial period is universally imposed by online retail platforms and Google can't make decisions alone.

Whatever it is, Google has a tough time there in Taiwan !

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