Everything is Art !

Have you seen Tower of Babel ?! Sorry, that was a bad joke, but have you seen Tower of Babel made out of books ?! This time I am serious !! Yes, if you haven't seen it yet, take a look at it here. An artist from Argentina, named Marta Minujin is the lady behind this beautiful structure.

At the international book fair in Buenos Aires, Marta has installed this structure. This installation is 82 feet tall and is of helical structure of 7 stories high covered with 30,000 books in different languages ​​and dialects that reminds us of the mythical Tower of Babel of more than 4000 years !

Public were allowed for free to this event and the dissembled books from this Tower were given to public.[I mean only entry was free, but books were sold !]

Marta was proud of her work and she expressed it in this way..

“A hundred years from now, people will say ‘there was a Tower of Babel in Argentina … and it didn’t need translation because art needs no translation"

She believes that everything is an art and it was the inspiration for her to create this Tower. At the same time, UNESCO honoured the city by naming it as World Book Capital for 2011 !!

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