No more "Twitter" & "Facebook" on Radio and Television in France !

You might feel awkward to hear this but it is true that Radio Jockeys, Television anchors, News Presenters or any media are not allowed to use the words "Twitter" & "Facebook" in France. It seems like French Government is obsessed with making crazy laws which obviously make people feel awkward.

This is not a joke but a real regulatory ruling measure by the France Government. News Presenters can't say "For more news, follow us on Facebook & Twitter" any more. The reason behind this law is unknown but aren't the people of France willing to know ? Well, if it was in UK, USA or somewhere else, It would have been a huge news for the Media and lots of protests would have gone through. But it seems like French media has taken it simple and are seen with their normal routine as usual. Only a few people have raised their voice over blogs and Social networks but that really doesn't prevent the Government from strictly enforcing this Law !

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