TweetMeme - One place for hottest links on Twitter

Most of us use Twitter, a wonderful place for being updated with the latest news and trends over the world. But we can't open twitter and keep on looking at it everytime. Who has so much of time in this fast moving world ? And even, if you follow an average of 100 users, your timeline will grow like hell ! Most of the stuff you care for, go under hood because of other tweets.

So it is always nice to have a single place, where we can find the hottest news and links, organized on different categories. TweetMeme is a place which fulfill this desire !

TweetMeme scans the Twitter and organize the most trending news and links in a single place, in an organized manner. News and links are categorized under entertainment, sports, technology, etc so that you can have easy access to the news you care ! Every category is subcategorized into news, images and videos. You can view most recent top tweets, last 24 hours' or last 7 days'.

Now you don't have to worry about missing the "Train" ;)

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