Live for you ! A short story by Chetan Bhagat

If you love reading stories, here is a short story by one of my favorite Novelist, Chetan Bhagat.
I like him not because of my name is same as his first name, but there will always be some freshness in his story. I found it accidentally, but it is a good story, so thought of sharing with you all. Hope you like this,here is how the story begins:

Everyone will give you an opinion on how to live your life. No one, no one will give you good advice on how to end it. Worse, they will tell you to continue living, without any respect for individual choice. Yes, hi, I’m Gautam Arora, and after eighteen wonderful years in Delhi, I’ve decided to end my life.

I sat with my best friend Neeraj and his girlfriend Anjali at Costa Coffee, DLF Metropolitan Mall in Saket. The coffee is way overpriced, but considering I had a day to live, I didn’t mind getting ripped off.

“The joke isn’t that funny,” Neeraj said, tearing open the second sachet of brown sugar and mixing it for his girlfriend. If this girl can’t mix sugar in her coffee, I wonder what she will be like after marriage.

“Do I look like I am joking? You are in medical college, and as a friend and someone two years elder to me, I am asking your advice on what is the most painless, graceful way to go. And ideally, it should be available at the friendly neighbourhood chemist,” I said. I ordered a chocolate fudge cake. What are a few extra calories on your last day? >>Read more here>>

Love Reading Story Books ? I recommend you Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat.

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