Say bye bye to passwords !

You probably have seen many sci-fi movies where iris recognition technology is used to gain access to solid secret files. It is kinda cool technology to watch on screen. How cool it would be if you, yes YOU can also use this technology to access your online accounts, say facebook profile ? You might say imagining is cool but it can't happen in near future. If so, you are wrong !!

Now, everyone can login to their facebook, paypal,gmail, or any other online accounts without the burden of remembering usernames & passwords ! Hoyos group, a New York based biometric security company has developed a small portable eye scanner called EyeLock, using which, you can gain access to any of your personal accounts just at the blink of your eyes. It is said to be the first iris-scanning device at the consumer end. This device would cost $100 and you could connect it to your personal computer.

Many government & financial institutions also use this technology to keep track of data. But at the consumer end, there was no such product. This place has been filled by EyeLock now and the company is confident that it will catch the minds of consumers easily. It has numerous advantages over password to have access to your account, mainly, security. No one else can fraud and access your account once you set up your account to work with EyeLock !!

When people can login to their facebook in a eye blink, who cares to remember the bloody passwords you tend to forget and which are not even near to unbreakable ? But you still need to wait till the device hit the market ;)

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