Fight over noise on Twitter !

Most of the times when we login to our Twitter account, it is annoying to see tweets from a single user you follow throughout the page. It even make you miss tweets of the user you care. You can unfollow such user, but that is not the thing you want to do ! If you agree with this, here is a nice extension for the Google Chrome users out there !!

Proxlet Tweet filter is an Chrome Extension which allows you to take control over your timeline. You can mute users who create much noise, block annoying applications(permanently or temporarily), block annoying foursquare checkins, hide tweets based on hashtags, see links just from chatty users and much more !!

Already 6,000+ users are using this extensions to say goodbye to noise on Twitter. It even has a good rating(4 stars). I guess you need to read instructions about settings to get the most from this extension. Some people have found it not working for them. But I recommend you to give it a try as you have nothing to lose !!
Click here to install !!

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