Ban live exports of cattle !

4corners (Australia's premier television current affairs program) of ABC TV has aired a disturbing footage of Australian cattles being tortured before slaughtering them in Indonesia. You can watch the video online HERE(not recommended for weak hearted people). You can see how cruel we human beings are. This video has caused a lot of disturbance in the minds of Australian people today.

When it comes to live cattle exports, 60% of the export from Australia goes to Indonesia, making it a key customer for Australia's cattle export industry. Nearly half million cattles are exported to Indonesia every year, which accounts for $400 million trade ! Cameron Hall, CEO of LiveCorp (which provides live exports of livestock including sheep and cattle), has said that such inhumane practices are totally unacceptable but also added that it takes some time to change things in a developing country.

TV still showing a cattle being tortured

Many animal welfare groups including RSPCA are campaigning for the ban of live exports for many years. This has proved to be a right time for them to act and achieve success in thier campaign. People of Australia are highly condemning this cruel act. Live exports to three Indonesian slaughter houses were suspended three days back, before the 4corners program of ABC TV which was aired today. But still there are 100 other slaughter houses operating in Indonesia.

This is not the first time cattles being tortured before slaughtering. In 2006, the then Australian Agriculture Minister had suspended trade to Egypt after watching a similar kind of video of about 60 minutes. But till today, no permanent step has been taken to prevent reoccurance of such acts.
As Nepolean had said, The world suffers a lot not because of violence of bad people, but because of silence of good people. I request everyone who read this article to spread the news as a support to the BanLiveExport movement in Australia. Every voice of yours can do great things, Please have your voice and help banning Live export of animals. Australian people can support through

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