Turn your facebook profile into a printed book !!

     We daily use facebook to be connected to friends, share photos, videos, status, and virtually almost everything ! how it would be to have your facebook profile as a book in hand, and even beautifully organised ? Yes, that will be obviously nice ! So why don't you let a facebook application do it all for you ?!!

A new facebook application, Social Memories, by german mail & logistics gaint Deutsche post DHL help you have your facebook profile as a coffee-table book in just 4 steps !!

It allows you to select a timeframe, scans your profile and organizes every photos, status, etc in a beautiful manner with fun facts, figures and statistics between that timeframe. You need a fair amount of content between the selected timeframe to create this book. This is just for fun application but an easy way to keep your online memory safe ! The book will be of 28 pages and costs around 23 euros or $30 by the time it reaches your hand.

However, online version of the book is free to view and you can even share selected pages of the book as a facebook album !! It is still a beta version. Just give it a try now here(Don't worry, they don't ask you for money unless you order for hard copy of the book !) Click here.

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