Exams are near, Students are in fear !

If you are a student, you must have come through the Exam fear, anxiety which bring hundreds of other problems with them as a non desired gift ! ok, for some those people who say I haven't experienced this, consider yourself lucky, but I bet most of you will be lying !

Well now our concern is people who suffer the exam fear. We know how hard it is to overcome this fear. Sometimes suddenly we get caught by fever during exam time and destroy every parent's peace of mind. Even one who has studied well before the exam suffer this kind of situation. So how to overcome this fear ? Her are few tips & suggestions you could follow to beat the exam fear and succeed !

> First thing is, study well before the exam so that you don't have keep turning pages at 2 AM, last night before the exam !

> Prepare yourself a timetable, and try to strictly follow it. Believe me, Discipline can change your world !

> Give some space to recreation in your timeteble, don't overload yourself with studies.

> Start off with easy subjects, easy topics and then move onto difficult ones. This step gives you some confidence !

> Always make it a habit to write down points when you study, don't just read, write & practice !

> Have coffee break in the middle. It works as stress buster. But don't drink more than 3 cups of coffee a day !

> Take food from time to time and sleep too ;)

> Go out for short walks outside in fresh air and talk with friends, but not about studies !

> Watch TV less during exam time and watch only comedy shows or something that kepp you happy.

> Read when you feel like reading, whether it is midnight or early morning. Don't try to stay up over night or early morning when you have no mood to study.

> Read in any position that you like. But I suggest you to face east or north while reading, It really works !

> Sleep early on the day before exam and don't eat too much of dinner and then the breakfast.

> If you believe in God, pray before you leave home. "God is someone who is always there to take your pressure when you can't !"

> Don't open book at the last moment and never try to read new concept !

> Reach exam hall 15 minutes before the start of exam and don't talk with anyone. Sit, close your eyes, and don't even revise. Just be calm. It has a major advantage, trust me !

Follow these steps and now you are ready to take up the Exam with no fear ! And you are just a few steps away from success !! And hey wait !! if you fail, don't worry, your exam results are not the key to success in life. People who dropped out of schools & colleges are really ruling the society ! But please, don't take this for granted.. Hope this post help you all students out there :)

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