What would you do to own an iPad 2 ? Sell Kidney ??!!

It is an everyone's dream to own a pretty cool gadget like iPad. People are so crazy about this device that they are ready to wait in queue from midnight itself to buy this. But can you believe if someone has sold his kidney to buy an iPad ?!! If you don't, you have to !!

One 17 year old chinese teen surnamed Zheng from Anhui province has sold his kidney to buy iPad, reported on Shanghai Daily. According to the report, this boy was so restless to buy an iPad but couldn't affort it. But when a black market human organs dealer contacted him online and offered $3100 for selling his kidney, the boy found it as a last chance to own iPad.

The boy then travelled to the place fixed by the dealer and got his kidney removed in a local hospital. As promised, the boy was paid the money and he was able to buy a brand new iPad. His mother came to know this and filed a complaint against the delears. Investigation is going on now but dealers are not found yet.

Zheng is now suffering from post-surgical issues, and even the hospital where his kidney removed is not qualified for organ transplantation ! He is regretting now for his mistake and his health is getting worse day by day but there is nothing they can do now.
A mistimed decision lead him to this kind of problems. Now bringing the boy to normal life is much important than finding the culprits.

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