Bring out the true leader inside you !

No one has taught us how to blame others, but still we are quite well skilled in that ! While blaming people, we forget we are one among them ! Just remember, every drop of water has its contribution in making an ocean. Similarly, every person has his own contribution in making a nation.

We have to act for every obstacle comes in our way. If you are not ready to take responsibility for your task, No one else does ! So when would the problem get solved ? Answer is, when a leader comes out. Where is that leader ? Answer is, in "you" ! Yes, every person has a true leader within him/her. All the thing you need is to bring out that true leader.

Here is a heart touching video about true leader, that still inspire, motivate and fill my heart with courage, everytime I watch it. This was a promotional video created by "Times Of India" for a TV Show called "Lead India" in 2007, which was purely dedicated to bring out the true leader in a common man. I don't know how much successful that show was in selecting a true leader, but this video touched the hearts of millions of Indians. It clearly shows what difference, spirit of a true leader can make on this world.

One man following millions has never become history, but millions following one has always ! Ever wonder what can make you a true leader ? Remember, all you need to become a great leader is "you", only you !

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