Fancy Pants Adventures - World 2, Game for Chrome !

Google Chrome has turned the browser into your window to the world ! You name it and Chrome has it for you. Chrome is catching the pace in browser market and you have many reasons to go for Chrome ! Ok, lets come to the point. Have you played Fancy Pants Adventure - World 2 ? If your answer is no, you are missing a lot !!

Created by Brad Borne, the man behind the hit flash game phenomena, with the help of EA2D (a dedicated team for 2D animation from EA), this game has a life like animation with lots of excitement. Here you fight with an angry rabbit which steal your ice cream. You jump, run, slide, flip and do a lot more amazing tricks in a new world along your way to fight that angry rabbit ! A wonderful and addictive game that you can play inside your Google Chrome browser.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars, 200,000+ users are 'playing' this game now. If you are eager to play, just Click here from you Chrome browser and start having fun ! Run Fast Run Fancy !

If you own Xbox Live or PlayStation, they have a brand new version of FPA where you can play with your local or online friends in High Definition ! It has many more new features specially designed for your console ! PlayStation users Run Fancy Here and Xbox users Get Fancy Here. For those who don't have both of these, still you can have a sneak peak at the new game from your Chrome Here.

Happy Gaming ! :)


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