Smart Search - Awesome Feature of Google Chrome!

There are many awesome features that makes Google Chrome the best web browser available. But one feature that makes Google Chrome a smart browser is its 'Smart Search' ! Wonder what is so smart about search feature of Chrome ? It is not just about searching from Address bar, but searching your favorite site from Address bar !

This is a less known feature of Chrome and only a few users know about this cool and awesome feature. I called it 'Smart Search' because your Chrome browser learn what you teach ! Wonder how ? Just go to your favorite website and search for anything. That's it, next time you don't need to visit that website for searching purpose, Chrome lets you search directly from its Address bar !

Let me explain this clearly with an example. Think you have to search for a linkin park music video on youtube. Visit and search for the desired video, say 'Linkin park Crawling'. Next time when you want to search for videos on youtube, just type [if you have enabled instant search, no need to type completely] in Address bar, press tab or space, enter your search query, and press Enter. That's all, search results for linkin park videos on youtube are in front of your eyes !

This works on almost all websites like, Facebook, Flickr, Amazon, Bing, Google, Wikipedia, ebay, etc ! So, whether you want to search for a facebook friend, flickr photo, stuff on Amazon, or music on, search it all from your Address bar! All you have to do is just search directly from the website for the first time. From the very next time, Google Chrome takes care of everything.

Isn't that Smart about Google Chrome ? ;)

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