Goldstream River turned into Green River by Pranksters !

When you look at the photos below, you might think there must be something wrong with this river. Maybe a radioactive disaster ? But it is not ! Pranksters' trick has made this river turn green !

The Goldstream river at Goldstream Provincial Park in Victoria, Canada had turned fluorescent green for an hour on December 29th, 2010. The fountains beside Veterans Memorial Parkway in Langford was also found green. People who visited the park and nature-lovers were scared by this condition of the river. The fear of radioactive disaster spread all over in a while.

So, immediately investigation was launched by the Ministry of Environment Team to find of the reason for this bizzare happening. Soon they found out that it was just, someone had played prank and had dumped "Fluorescein" into the water !

This chemical is a green dye, used to trace contaminants down the drainage systems and for cooling towers in nuclear power plants. The tests proved the chemical non toxic, and people took a relieved breathe then.This river is known for its dramatic salmon runs and eagles, came back to its normal flow after an hour. Luckily, no fishes or animals were found dead.

But Chicago people don't find this unusual ! Beacuse, the Chicago river will be dyed green every year on St.Patrick day. This has been done from last 40 years by a private funded organisation to kickoff weekend celebration.

Anyway, while people at the park held their breath for a while in Canada, Chicago people do it purposely every year for fun ! Diversity is the beauty of this World ;)

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