Make Money Online - Truth and Lies !

Now a days, Money has become so important like never before. With the ever growing population, unemployment has also rocketted to sky. So, how would it be, if you can earn hundreds of dollars from home, just with your PC ? Sounds cool, right ?

Everyday when you go online, most of the websites will have advertisements like, earn $3000 - $8000 per day !, I made $500 today with my PC !, Become your own boss and earn dollars, ect. Some advertisers even use big names on the market like Google and advertise as "Google has paid me $173 today !". We have to believe, at least because of Google.

As your attention falls on such ads, you click on that link, after all everyone loves money [if it comes with feasibility of working at home, who don't ?]. Then you reach a website which promises to help you make money. They show you proofs, reviews and thousands of positive comments. When you come to know that many world famous news channels and websites have quoted out these Home based Jobs, you are ready to give it a try !

So, as a first step, they ask you to pay some money,around $30. Who do really care for an initial investment of $30, when you can earn thousands of dollars later in time ? You will pay that money, they give you an ebook to study, which is said to reveal secrets of Internet Marketing. But once you read the ebook, you will come to know that it is a fraud !

Then what happened to all the proofs you saw ?! Sorry, but the proofs what you had seen before were not legimate ! Positive reviews and comments ?!! All these are just a part of the trick they played on you !! What you can do next ? NOTHING !!

There are many websites which offer you to take surveys from home and earn money. They promise to help you earn hundreds of dollars once you pay them enrollment fees of $20 or $30. If you simply pay with no second thought, you are trapped !

I'm not telling that you can't earn money from internet. You can, but never dream of $1000 (not even as a monthly pay !). You can earn from $1 to $4 a month from some websites. But I suggest you not to go for any such tasks. Better use the same time to learn something useful, that really pays you off. If any website promises you to earn a 3 figure income or more, truly it is a scam ! And if Google had such Jobs, why wouldn't they publish those ads on their own websites ?

A study has revealed that many American freelancers are working for as low as 25 cents per hour ! Have they gone mad to work for such a low income when they can earn lot of money just by taking surveys at home ? Remember one thing, truth is bitter to taste, umemployment is forcing them to work for such a low income. Money has a value. If you and me can earn in thousands without any special knowledge, there would have been no poverty on this earth.

Instead of losing your money on such scams, spend that money and time to learn something useful. If you are specialized in any work and have knowledge, you can earn money at any time of your life. Be safe, be happy :)


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