World Population day 2011, 7 billion actions campaign to kick off !

So, 11th of July is here ! If you are still wondering what is so special about July 11, on July 11, 1987, world population reached 5 billion. In the memory of this event, July 11 of every year is celebrated as world population day.

Now we have came through 24 years after reaching that mark of 5 billion and are near to 7 billion ! Which means that the world population is doubling every 50 years ! As every year, UNFPA has launched a new campaign called "7 billion actions". This campaign is aiming at engaging people, spur commitment, and spark actions about new opportunities and challanges we have to face in this world of 7 billion people.

As we are near to that day, let us take a look at some interesting facts about World Population.

> The Present world population is 6.976 billion [as of July 8,2011].

> 60% of the world population is contributed by Asia alone.

> Nearly 40% of the world population is from India and China !

> Every day, 360,000 new babies are added to world population.

> Every year, 140 million births occur around the world.

> Every day, 165,000 people are facing death around the world.

> Every year, 60 million deaths occur around the world.

> Net Population growth of the world is 200,000 per day.

> Around 106 billion people have lived on this earth !

At the current growth rate, it is expected that world population would reach 7 billion by October 31st of 2011. With ever growing demand for food and energy supply, population explosion has put forth numerous challenges in front of us. This is the time for us to make a decision, which decides, whether everyone could live a quality and healthy life or not.

There are over 1 billion adult illiterate people in the world. Nearly 1 billion people are undernourished, and another 1 billion have no access to safe drinking water. Every day, 30,000 people die of hunger while we, so called civilized people, waste tons of food and water everyday. 5 million hectares of forest loss has led to the extinction of 150,000 species every year.

Heaven and hell are nowhere but on earth. Now we have to take a decision, which could make this world either heaven or hell. Each and everyone of us are the equal part of this 7 billion milestone. We have to understand our responsibilities and support this campaign by UNFPA to create awareness, especially young generation have to take the leadership of this movement and make it successful.

Spread the word, create awareness, and thus help in creating a better world :)

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