'Read Later Fast' for Chrome - Offline reading made easy !

Time is very much important, but matters around us too ! Most of us save web pages for offline reading, it may be to save time or for future reference. But as the number of saved pages increase, it becomes an headache to manage them. Moreover, sometimes images won't be saved, which kills the beauty of webpages. So, to ease your work, use 'Read Later Fast' !

Read Later Fast is a must have app for your Google Chrome. It manages all your saved web pages in an archieve for offline viewing. The web pages are saved as you see them online. With this app's great user interface, you can read saved pages as slideshow in original or clean-text format, choice is yours! It also reduces the number of tabs opened, thus increasing the browsing speed.

Want to access all your saved web pages on different computers ? Sync your data on diigo.com and you're done ! To save web pages, all you have to do is Right-Click on the web page you want to save and select 'Read Later'.

This app is used by 100,000+ Chrome users and has a 5 out of 5 star rating. Install Read Later Fast now !

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