Jailed for leaving mother's corpse unburied for six months !

Is money really so important that, one leave her mother's dead body unburied for six months ? This is really a disgusting story of an Actress who left her mother's corpse unburied to claim pension benifits ! It was Olive Maddock, a 95 year old lady, who had to wait for 6 months to get her corpse buried.

A 61 year old actress, Hazel Maddock has been jailed for locking her 95 year old mother's dead body in bedroom for 6 months and claiming her mother's pension benifit of £200. Hazel's daughter, 35 years old, Jasmine Maddock was also given a suspended sentence for supporting her mother, and ordered to carry out 250 hours of unpaid community service, after suspending her two years of imprisonment.

Hazel, a widow of a professor of Naval Engineering was a keen ballroom dancer. But lately she was found eccentric and had started to live in a dirty, mice and flies smoked house on saltburn road in Wallasey. After finding a disgusting smell from Hazel's house, an officer entered to see what is behind the doors and found a dead body in bedroom.

Hazel who has appeared in many TV shows and had appeared in Harman starrer, The Outsiders, was pleaded guilty at Liverpool crown court for unlawful prevention of burial and benifit fraud. And her daughter was also found guilty for her supportive role in this fraud.

This is really a shameful thing for human beings, but once again it is proved that, in this world, relationships are no more important than money..


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