Good & Healthy Food on your Chrome for Food Lovers !

Are you a food junkie ? or simply love good food ? Everyone loves to eat (well, at least we have to eat !). But when it comes to choosing food to fill our stomach, we don't give much importance to healthy food, but for tasty food, we do ! After all, who has time to keep looking at the nutrition table ?

All tasty foods are not healthy and all healthy foods are not tasty, right ? But now you don't have to worry about choosing good food that fills your apetite and keeps you healthy. Thanks to BBC GoodFood App on Chrome which brings you a exotic collection of good foods, that is tasty as well as healthy !

This wonderful app is made by BBC. With a great and easy to use user interface, it also provides all information you need to know about a food like, ingredients used, cooking methods, time taken to cook, nutrition value, etc.. [ of course, I hope they don't have to teach you about how to eat, right ? ;) ]. If suudenly, some guests come home, don't worry, look for the easiest and fastest recipe available, and get it done in minutes !

You can search for your favorite cuisine based on the ingredients used and number of servings. Or just select one from pre organized list for breakfast, starters, mains, puddings or healthy classics. Improve your cooking skills by watching cookery videos, or learn about healthy ingredients, their availability in seasons, and their preparation.

It is everything you need to know, available at one place. This app has 5 out of 5 stars with 40,000+ users. So, what are you waiting for ? Click here to install BBC GoodFood and start serving your stomach with healthy foods !

Bon Apetite ;)

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