Google Chrome Web Browser - Speed, Secure, Simple !

The Web Browser is one of the most important applications in our computers. It allows us to surf internet, socialize, chat with friends, download stuff, ect. With lots of free browsers available, you have the right to choose good one.

But it is rather a difficult task to determine which browser is the best. Plenty of big names in the browser market like, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, ect., make the choice even more difficult.

Novice and average users normally use the browser shipped with their Operating systems, and they really don't care about other browsers. Yet, Firefox has dominated the browser market for a long time. It is superior in terms of web standards compared to Microsoft's IE. It is always a hassle to update IE (consider yourself lucky, if you haven't gone through one !). In terms of speed, both FF and IE stand equal.

Firefox, Safari and Chrome are similar in nature and provide many cool features. But what makes Google Chrome special from all other browsers ?

Here is why Google Chrome can be considered as the best browser :

> Chrome is light weighted, designed for speed, and hence, starts up in seconds from your desktop and load web pages faster.

> V8, a powerful JavaScript engine helps load complex web apps clean and fast.

> Omni bar, search directly from your address bar, and also get instant suggestions !

> Chrome is the most safest browser available. With Sandbox technology, you are always safe online from malwares and phishing [Even professional hackers have failed to hack Chrome from last 4 years in an international hack fest, while all other browsers are torned apart!] .

> With Streamlined window, arrange and manage tabs quickly, easily. Your eight most recently visited websites available with thumbnails, every time when you open a new tab.

> You don't have to install flash players and all by yourself ! With Autoupdates, you are assured of updated browser with security fixes and new features, every time you launch your Chrome.

> Translate web pages inside your browser, no worries of external addons.

> Chrome features high stability. If a tab freezes or crashes, only that tab will be closed. Other tabs are left unaffected.

> Browse privately with incognito mode. What is special here than other browsers is, you can run incognito mode and public mode simultaneously in different windows !

> Discover thousands of web apps, extensions, and themes on Webstore to get most out of your Chrome browser. Play thousands of Games, specially designed for Chrome !

> Change the look and feel of your browser with thousands of Themes for your Chrome !

> Use Chrome in your local language. It supports more than 100 languages ! [Click here to learn how ?]

Google Chrome is not just a web browser, it is merely an Operating system ! But it depends on how you use it, because web is what you make out of it ;)

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