Diet Drinks could make you fat !

So, if you think you are safe drinking the diet cola, you have a shocking news here ! Diet Drinks could make you fat faster and increase blood sugar level with rolling time !

We know diet drinks are calorie free, and tastes as great as calorie rich drinks. But most of us don't know that they are more likely to make us fat than normal drinks ! yes, a continuous reaserch for ten years on 500 adults has revealed this truth at Diabetes Conference.

People who kiss two or more glass of diet drinks a day found their waistbands expanding five times faster than one who turned their face away from it ! The results were found so dramatic that American researchers are advising everyone to quit diet drinks and go for water to quench their thirst.

As Helen Hazuda, Professor at Health Science Centre of University of Texas, says that diet sodas and artificial sweetners foster sweet tooth, distort apetite and may even damage brain cells. When growth of waists of diet drinks intakers is compared with that of people who take regular drinks, it is found that diet drink fans' waists expand 70% faster. Another reason for this awkward growth is that diet drinks trigger apetite and drive you to eat more junk and unhealthy foods.

These figures still stand good, even when smoking, exercise, education, taken into account ! It is common that people consider diet drinks as health supplement but such a belief would ruin your figure, and may be, even your life !

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