Is facebook stalking you ? - your privacy might be under threat !

With lot of privacy issues still revolving around Facebook, a new shocking news about facebook has hit the Internet ! According to an Australian Technologist, facebook is tracking every web page you visit online, even when you are logged out of facebook !

Nik Cubrilovic, a Technologist from Wolloongong has claimed that, when the user log out of facebook, rather than deleting tracking cookies, facebook slightly modifies the cookies, maintaining personally identifiable information of its users. This in turn, when you visit any web page with facebook button or widget, browser sends information about your online activity to facebook.

Nik has revealed his discovery through a blog post. The only solution to stop facebook from tracking your online activity is to delete every facebook cookie in your browser, or to use a separate dedicated browser for facebook.

This is a major issue as almost all websites use facebook buttons or widgets ! If you are using public terminals to access facebook, your privacy is almost nill ! He has said that he tried to contact facebook on his discovery but got no reply from facebook team.

Instead of clearly stating what user information they collect and use, facebook is taking advantage of users' negligence in reading privacy policy. After all, who has time to read loads of pages of legal documentation ?

Whatever the issue might be, it seems like people are so addicted to facebook that they are not bothered about the problems these issues could lead to !

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