Cooliris - A complete 3D & Colourful Photo Browsing Experience !

So, if you have used Cooliris on Mozilla Firefox, you know how cool it is to browse photos with a 3D touch. If you haven't yet, you are missing something ! We all love to see photos and photos flowing, don't you ? With all your pictures on a infinite 3D wall, Cooliris take you to next level of 'Picture Browsing' !

Cooliris is a browser plugin which enables you to scroll through images and videos across web and even from your computer ! Forget page to page jump for viewing photos. Switch to Cooliris and browse photos with a 3D touch ! It works in rhythm with websites like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Youtube etc. With Google Images Search integrated, searching images across web is more fun now ! Turn your complete display screen into an infinite 3D wall with maximize button.   

Cooliris is available on both Mozilla Firefox [as Add on] and Google Chrome [as Extension] now. Already 20+ million Firefox users are using Cooliris ! It is relatively new to Google Chrome, yet 200k+ users are enjoying this addictive extension.  Click here to add Cooliris to your Google Chrome or Click here to add Cooliris to your Firefox. If you are using Mac, Please click here to enjoy the new way of photo browsing :)

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