Good movie to watch: Mother of Mine

Eero is a boy of age 7 or 8, who loses his father, a soldier, during world war 2. To keep him safe, away from the war torned life, his mother, Kirsti sends him to Sweden, where more than 70,000 other children of Finland were supposed to be provided with shelter till the end of war. Eero believes when his mother said that this was just a vacation. Eero is recieved by a Swedish couple, Hjalmer and Signe, who have lost their little girl to storm. On finding that it is a boy who has come to them, the Swedish lady feels down-hearted and walks away without greeting Eero as she was expecting a little girl like their own. But Hjalmer welcomes him well to their home. Here begins the story.

Eero finds it easy with Hjalmer who is very kind and joyous with him. But mother Signe turns out to be an alien to the child; She doesn't know Finnish and Eero, Swedish. This is not the only reason why Eero doesn't like Signe. But it is also because her attitude towards him is mechanical and her mind was still not able to accept a stranger as her own child. To Eero, Signe's every act seemed to be in contrast to his mother's. As the days pass, Eero and Hjalmer get along easily. Meanwhile Signe feels that she is left alone in the house. This makes her grow impatient.

One day, hearing on radio that Helsinki was bombed, Eero feels like her mother is in danger and decides to go back to Finland. But to go back, he had only one way in mind; that is through sea. Without informing anyone, Eero goes for a sea voyage! This ends up him drowning in the sea but fortunately two soldiers, on finding him in trouble, come to his rescue. They take him back to Signe and she feels very sorry for this kid. Memory of her own little girl swallowed by the same sea makes her feel more miserable. This makes her heart smooth towards Eero than before.

At such a time, a letter from Kirsti reach Signe. That letter bore the news that Kirsti had fallen in love with a German and she was following him to Germany. But she had felt that it would be unwise to take Eero to Germany with her as it was not the safest place for him. She had also mentioned that it might be the God's will to bring Eero to Signe and pleaded her to take care of him like her own child for the rest of his life. Signe was shocked to read this and her heart melted for Eero. Now she was totally convinced that Eero will no more be a stranger but her own child. Signe talk to Eero about everything happened so far and ask him to be her son. Thus Eero finds his new mother in Signe.

After a month or so, When everything was getting colourful for the whole family of Hjalmer, another letter from Finland strike them with thunderbolt. The letter read that Kirsti wanted Eero back in Finland as peace had set in. She didn't go with the German as she felt shameful at the idea of abandoning her own child. She had felt that she loved her child more and this had made her to rethink of her decision.

Will Eero go back to Finland? Does Signe lose her new found son? Who has the right to be the mother of Eero?

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