Beware of New Facebook Spam, "Can happen to Anyone" !

From past few days, many of my friends were posting a link on my wall in Facebook. And the comment on the video was like "hey, hahaha can happen to anyone! Carelessness of Celebrities on TV". It looked like a link to a celebrity's 'nip slip' video. One could easily guess it is a spam. But most of the users are curious about such videos and follow the link. what happens next ? Let me explain !

When you follow the link, you will be reach the blog In fact, hackers are using many blogs and free blogging services to trap the users. So you may reach other blogs like, etc. But what you see on those blog look exactly like a Facebook webpage !! Most of the users don't notice their address bar and think that they are still on Facebook.

Once the page loads completely, you will see something like this:

You will be asked to install an extension called 'Youtube Premium'. If you install that extension (on Google Chrome) or Addon (on Mozilla Firefox), you are inviting serious problems ! After installing, you are asked to refresh the page. This extension is suspected to collect your Facebook account username and password. Once they get access to your account, first thing they do is to send similar link to all your Friends !!

What else could be a tragedy than this ? IYour friends start to think in a different way about you and more than that, you are indirectly helping hackers to hack your friend's account too !! So, please stay away with such links and always check your address bar before entering your credentials. If you have got any such links from your friends, most likely their account is compromised. Tell them to remove that extension, in case they have installed, and change password. Share this post with your friends so that they too stay safe.

Be Cautious, be safe, 'cause this "Can happen to Anyone" !

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