Future of Computing - Nokia's 'Kinetic Device' with Flexible Display !

Today, Technology is occupying our lives like never before. It has became almost impossible to live a day without phone. Days when mobile phones were just used to make a call have gone. Now a day mobile phone are capable of taking pictures, shooting videos, play games and even scan bar codes !

People of this generation, that's we, have witnessed a miraculous drive in technology. From vaccum tubes to silicon chips, Floppy drives to solid state drives, Command line to Graphical User Interface and motion sensor, we have experienced it all ! If I say we are breathing the Technology, it is not superlative !

Why am I explaining all these things you already know ? Let me come to the point. After the touchscreen, technology is taking a big leap and soon, your mobile device will be flexible enough to bend !

Nokia has unveiled prototype of a new mobile device called 'Kinetic device', last week at Nokia World 2011 in London. This phone features flexible display, which can be bent as you wish ! Instead of pinching to zoom, you can accomplish the same task by bending or twisting this device. Not just that, you will be able to control this device without removing it from your pocket ! you can receive call or change song just by twisting it inside your pocket !

One of the most important features of this device is its durability. They almost doesn't break at all. Such devices are much tougher as well as water resistant ! This device, for instance, can be much helpful for blind people to control their phone. This device is made possible by bundles of carbon nanotubes, embedded to flexible substance.

Though Nokia didn't precisely mentioned the availability of 'Kinetic device' to public, they are working on this device to bring it soon into market. Meanwhile, Samsung is expecting to release one of this kind device the very next year !

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